If you are interested in a commission piece here are my terms. Below are photos of commissions I have done recently.

I DO NOT do portrait sculptures. Meaning, I can not do a face to look like a love one or a movie star, singer, etc. I can do one similar, but not a portrait, Sorry! I also can Not duplicate a face that I have already sculpted. These are One of a Kinds and are not sculpted from molds. So to get them to look like another one is not possible. But again I can do a face similar.

My sculptures can range from 6 inches (1/12 scale, doll house miniature) to 14 inches for a fairy or person. For a Mermaid their tail fin can make them 2 to 4 inches longer so up to 18 inches in length depending on the shape of the tail fin.

You get to pick out the eye color, hair color and outfit color. For a mermaid you can pick out colors of tail and shape of tail fin if possible. I am limited to some hair colors as I order them already colored except for the blue, green and pink colors which I dye myself. Red is very hard to come by. Most of my reds are a carrot red or a pink red.

Material for outfits are also limited. Regular cloth materials can not be used on these tiny scaled sculptures. I do have a few very light materials that I order for their costumes. Papers are also used. Feather are fun to add and I can get most of the colors to match an outfit. I also have many glitters and micro beads to add if you like.

Fairy wings are made with many different materials. I use Fantasy films, paper and cloth.  I also use sheets of printed fairy wings. I have a store I order them from if you are interest in a certain kind, I can give you the link to the site so you can pick out your own if you want you can pick a pair you see on one of my fairies.  Most of my wings are made from Fantasy film and it can come in a few colors.

Bases for these sculptures depend on the pose you would like. I am also limited to some pieces of wood but I try to build them up when needed. I do have drift wood I use for mermaids. Most of my wood bases are Manzanita wood and I order them as is. So a lot of my sculptures are sculpted to sit or fit the shape of the wood. The wood is also One of a Kind pieces and can not be duplicated.

If I do not have the right color or materials for a commission and I have to order them, it can take up to 4 days for the supplies to arrive.

My terms:

I charge $750.00 for a commissioned piece. I ask for $300.00 down to start a piece. The balance to be paid when the piece is complete.  For two figures I charge $1,000.00 to $1,200.00 or more depending on the pose and base, with $500.00 down and the balance when the piece is complete.   I use PayPal for  invoicing and payments. This is for my security and yours.

It takes me a good 7 to 10 days for a simple sculpture. There are times it can take me up to two weeks if you are wanting me to sculpt a pose like a photo or picture you  like.

I ship all my sculptures by USPS Priority and insured for full amount. They will be wrapped with batting and bubble wrap, double boxed and fragile written on box.  If you prefer another type of shipping, I will work with you on that too.

If you have any other questions, please just ask, I will work with you

Warmly, Phyllis